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HALF-LIFE 2 for PlayStation

LIFE BOREDOk, let me just say this and get it out of the way. Half-life 2 is truly, utterly, absolutely amazing. It is one of those games that come around once in a generation, that shows everyone else how it is suppose to be done. If I was reviewing the PC version, I would have nothing but praise. But disappointedly, this is not the PC version, but the Play station 3 releases which has some issues that were not in the original version.

Released as part of The Orange Box, this was the first time PS3 owners got a chance to play the groundbreaking game. Half-life 2 is at its core a sci-fi first person shooter. But calling it that just doesn’t do it justice. It is just one of the most impressive game sever released, and it’s all here. You will go through the story, which is told entirely in game, as everyone’s favorite theoretical physicist Gordon Freeman. The Combine has occupied Earth and is harvesting it for all it has.

Gordon becomes part of the resistance movement that is fighting back. It is a fairly basic premise, but the execution is unmatched. You will become emotionally invested in the characters and the overall goal. But the game play is what really steals the show. Half-life has never been your average, run of the mill shooter, and this is no different. But with the move to the PS3, came from issues that were not there before. First off, the game does have some major issues with the frame-rate.

LIFE borED  XThere is time where it will chug down to a crawl, which takes you out of the game. Another is the load times. On the PS3, these can be brutally long, lasting over 20 seconds. This could be seen as a nit-pick, but to me it really hurt the experience. And lastly, as with all games that start on Panda move to console, the graphics and controls are a little underwhelming. None of these problems ruin the game, because the game is just that good.

If you have never played Half-life 2, this is a fine way to see what you have been missing. But I would recommend playing it on the PC, where the technical issues don’t interfere with the overall greatness.



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