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Game that you need your Child to Play

dom 4So you understand that sensation you get when generally there’s this series or game that’s incredible, and you find out about a REAL continuation to the main story, then you have this cop-out with a great deal of add-ons that seem designed to draw in fans of OTHER series?

Envision a long-time fan of The Lone Ranger. Picture, the recent movie has actually JUST been “unofficially” been revealed, and the fan understands the film’s not going to coincide, I mean, there’s just ever ONE Lone Ranger, however

dom 5And then the poster. Anything the fan matured on with The Lone Ranger, and all the job put in to even DISCOVER the stuff, I imply, this WAS the late 90s, and even now hasn’t seen it all plus along comes this DECEPTION. This face-painting and I suggest

puso 6Use it to Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. The Lone Ranger mockery, the dissatisfaction of Tales of Symphonia 2 and its full and total LACK of the events of ToS what with Emil being essentially ignorant of well enough of “recent” events to not being even ruffled by the world unexpectedly being increased in size and individuals and this giant plant ruining half of one side of the world and all that there’s no need to actually, you understand, talk about what took place in the last game, because it’s not appropriate? And oh, hey, what’s this Regeneration System? What? The world was split in two? When did 4k years ago?

puso 2This frustration, this let-down, resembled all that. Combined. Not that this was anything like exactly what accompanied ToS 2 other than exactly what’s this monster fight system? Oh. Pacts. Where’s Tenebrae to make them? At least HE was comical

It’s neither thing, truly. It’s just not exactly what I was anticipating. And I had not been anticipating much, even. Simply more KH and a fairly similar what’s this? Changed up the whole genuine KH system? Oh, the parts exist they’re simply kind of drifting around, detached, occasionally bumping into each other

puso 3All that stuff with the Gummy Ship system? It resembles this entire game is made from that degree of crap. At least at the end of the Gummy Ship fights you have a new world and never ever truly need to fight that area once more if you don’t want to. This? It resembles you take KH and make it as exciting and enjoyable and usable as GS fights. ALL of it. One huge Gummy Ship battle. Oh, and please add something in between “Random Monsters Beating up Your Enemies” and “Tales of Symphonia 2’s Pact System Monsters Helping You by passing away”. Genuine drudgery. That’s the word.



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