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Supernatural Dreams Comes To Life With Sims 3

super xxxxxxxxThis downloadable world is among my favorite EA-made Sims 3 worlds. Of all the worlds, it has the dreamiest, fairy-tale atmosphere, and it is apparent that much love went into the art and modeling. I listen to it on both my Mac and a pc, and don’t watch a lot of distinction between them.

It is a complete base-game-compatible world, which means that you should not need expansion packs to run it–though you will probably enjoy their presence. Generations especially would be beautiful with this world, because it truly touches about how children function, but then so would Goals given that a lot of Hidden Springs leads to self-employment. The most obvious tie-in to Pets also indicates by itself for the Unicorns and other animal elements. But none of these are purely required, nor is any Store investment unless you just like that concept. This world will grow as your Sims 3 collection increases.

super tttttttttttt

On the problem with this, it really is difficult to cram all the expansion-pack venues into our planet. In case you have lots of larger-sized houses and community lots/venues which you like to have ingame, anticipate to really work on tweaking this world. I needed to utilize a lots of ingenuity to suit everything, and had to custom-made some smaller points to make everything suit. Additionally, as always, the attractive mailboxes aren’t able to be put on your own, and never all the houses ask them to. Its premium content object, the Fountain of Youth, would be to my eyes a little kludgy functioning, though it’s stunning and is expensive for its footprint size (hello higher payout on possessed venues). Quite a few users report that their FoY does not show its animated graphics properly if the Spellbook from the EA Store can also be put in, however I have not observed any concerns at all with either object (I suspect the thing is custom content associated, and I avoid using CC).

super ttttttttt

Those are relatively minor quibbles prior to the breathtaking vistas of Hidden Springs. The objects and garments supplied are very stunning and thematically-sound, the houses are well-designed and simple on the eyes, and many of it does not have that “plain Jane generic” believe that EA houses usually have. Best of all, the entire world features a slew of pre-made Sims and families which are just amazing to play with. I usually am not delighted with premades, however these are a real hoot–be a modern-day prince looking for his princess, or a family of forest nymphs, or a host of other entertaining storybook character concepts, them all wandering by using a world that sort of appears like a small Irish village typically. I’d also need to give major props to the artists accountable for the business lots, the spa particularly. You will find hardly words for how stunning a few of these business lots look.


In summary, I’d state that if you need a more fairy-tale or rural-village really feel to your Simming, you might like this world significantly. If you really hate tweaking worlds or choose the grittier feel of urban life, vampires, etc., our planet may well not give you happiness.

Please be recommended that this video game does need a web connection. The boxes purchased from stores generally contain merely a download code that’ll enable you to obtain the world from EA’s site. If you decide to don’t have a method to download files to your PC/Mac, you will be sad. I acknowledge I have no idea why somebody would purchase a box in the store simply to obtain a download code if this saves a vacation to just go immediately online to have it, but perhaps there’ll be additional content put into the boxed HS over time (much like Barnacle Bay, to the outrage of those who’d currently downloaded the set from the site).



Sims continues to entertain gamers in all kinds of features but today the coming of the anticipated Sims 4 is here for another moment of wonderful worlds.


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