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Clash of Lords 2 –Pounder Hero Review

If you’re a fanatic of RTS gaming and wish to learn about various heroes in the Clash of Lords 2, please read on this short article and this can help you comprehend and understand couple of heroes which you’ll come across in the game. Clash of Lords 2 won’t only concentrate on base defense/attack style however as well concentrates on strengthening your Heroes and utilizing them properly in the course of ancient relic battle and much more.

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One of the major heroes you can utilize to play Clash of Lords 2 is the Pounder it’s got 47 percent ATK and carry out some damage 2114 to several enemies nearby. He’s also capable of inflicting stun for 2 seconds. Although he is a head of the Ox warrior as mercenaries, using their attack stat combined they can deal lots of damage.

Morale Boost of Pounder is essential to be able to improve its ATK by 6 percent evidently this is also completed with the usage of jewel. A good thing get ready to enjoy regarding Pounder is that he is able to teleport in the wall of enemy base and destroys everything around the wall.

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Another Skill is the Amazing Glance where one can boost the HP of your troops. As mentioned previously this Pounder features its own troops, so it is best that his troops must have a great HP to enable them to remain longer throughout the battle and you can succeed in raiding bases or fight against NPC. I recommend that if you need to have a very good understand concerning using Heroes you should still battle NPC and discover how you can match up Heroes against Heroes and what’s great for defense and attack.  In that way you are able to adjust your technique of deploying Heroes and can endure enemy attacks and battle.

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To properly utilize Pounder in the video game, specifically if you need him to get an excellent efficiency it is best to improve his HP utilizing jewels. One fundamental skill of Pounder even though Passive is the Hardbody. By progressing up the Pounder you may expect that this hero can endure a difficult match or battle against mercenaries and characters.

So it’s essentially a demon slayer power however considering that it has skill, it provides stun to the enemy troops. He is able to destroy anything in its way with a single blow particularly troops and can endure defensive weaponry interior and exterior in the enemy base that you’ve got attack. How useful is this Pounder who’ve the 2000 plus damage point in the course of a single attack. Even when the enemy is far away when he attacks he just teleport and there he kill the enemy.

So if you’re searching for an excellent hero specifically in melee attack then you can opt for Pounder for an excellent raid and battle. Nevertheless, this hero is only great for ground also, he vulnerable for air attack. So utilizing anti air troops may also provide you with the opportunity to withstand enemy attack. In case you have air heroes or anti air soldiers you can help Pounder for a excellent kill and damage to the opponents. Clash of Lords rock you world with the improved battle system these days farewell to Clash of Clans and welcome Clash of Lords 2. Those who wish to enjoy this RTS take a look informative link.


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