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Supernatural Dreams Comes To Life With Sims 3

This downloadable world is among my favorite EA-made Sims 3 worlds. Of all the worlds, it has the dreamiest, fairy-tale atmosphere, and it is apparent that much love went into the art and modeling. I listen to it on both my Mac and a pc, and don’t watch a lot of distinction between them. It […]

My Take on Zombie U

For the second system in a row, Nintendo’s biggest third-party launch title is an exclusive from Ubisoft, an original IP with a lot of promise and a lot more hype. Unfortunately, the Wii’s Red Steel failed to deliver on either, and so it would be understandable for Nintendo fans to be a bit skeptical about […]

Your Objectives in the Game

In video games, mission and objectives is one of the most important parts of the game. That is the reason why games have become more exciting and astonishing. It has always offers you great pleasure. You have to concentrate in the game and follow the instruction given so that you may able to carry out […]

Browser or Console Games: Which Side Are You?

As games being released everyday from the vast number of game developers around the world, people now have different choices to their game and platform of preference. Among the most discussed topic in the industry nowadays is whether targeting browser games is better than to target console gamers. By browser games, it means that you […]